Updated - 05/07/02
I've decided to change from the old layout to this one for easier updating and
to try and reflect what is going on in Norwich from week to week. You can still access the old site through the like on the site, there is also a link to the other Norwich graff site.

If you would like to contribute in anyway, please send flicks to norwichgraffiti@hotmail.com. Anyway, on with the pics.......

Catching up with some recent actions before any major updates including Geis and Rome trackside, Sis and Cor at grapes hill, and action from Jenny Lind amongst others.
Geis - Rome Sis - Cor Japes
Spike - Sperm
Geis - Rude - Vise

if you have any questions, comments or picture submissions, email them to norwichgraffiti@hotmail.com this site does not promote vandalism, its only aim is to document graffiti and display it as an artform all images are copyright of The Exit and the artist, please do not use without permission